eLeader Image Recognition (IA)

Shelf Recognition AI; the latest technology within the FMCG industry to measure YOUR ON SHELF EXECUTION.


@ Digital Edge we engage with global platforms to offer you a full solution

eLeader FF Merchandising Module

Mobile Visit Solution to help Merchandising team capture in-Store execution and transform into detailed analytics.

Web / Mobile App Development

@ Digital Edge we listen to your requirement, to extend a fully integrated solution

Mobile App Development

@ Digital Edge 100% of projects delivered before lead time

edge is a Full-Service Digital Solution company that concentrates on generating results via Measurable and Effective solutions. We partner with our clients to improve their Workflow, get closer to customers, enhance their Marketing Plans and set up strategies to generate high quality leads. From Designing, Developing and Optimizing websites and Mobile Applications, to increasing sales through tactical digital Marketing Activities, we work with our clients to raise their brand awareness, improve their position in markets, and maximize their marketing budget ROI.

To provide innovative and effective Digital Solutions that help customers Save Time & Effort and reach their go als through Hard Work And Accuracy. Our customers are the lifeblood of our business, so we always strive to meet or even exceed their Expectations and help them reach overall







Our Products


eLeader FF/SFA Solution

A mobile solution for companies with large teams of employees working outside the office.


eLeader SR through AI

the latest technology within the FMCG industry to measure on shelf out of stock


S2S / Sharaka

A fully scoped Rewards & Recognition program that measures instore Excellence In Execution, with points accumulator




The First Global fully automated Ticketless Green raffle draw system that connects retailer.


ConTics 360

For the vibrant Retail segment, we present ConTics 360 Engage with Consumer at the POP understand requirements, access database


SMS Valet

MS valet revolutionized the Valet service by transforming the service to ticketless/ green and creates a new marketing advertising platform when connecting with customers.

Our Services

Website Development

We create web development solution keeping in mind the requirements and goals of our clients.
We offer a complete range of web development services to enhance online presence needs.

Mobile App Development

Our experience and knowledge of how users interact with the apps, help in planning and executing high-tech mobile app development for Android, IOS, Windows and PWA.

eCommerce Platform Setup

With long experience in ecommerce development, our company offers intelligent solutions to create your site.We implement solutions from scratch and provide strong support to existing companies

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